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Top 10 Free Marketing Tools

That Will Take Your Business From Creative Mess to Marketing Master

There are hundreds, if not thousands of free marketing tools available online, so how do you choose and when/should you invest in the upgraded version?

It’s pretty basic actually and generally starts with the question answered in three simple steps we’ve outlined below. If you prefer the shortcut version, download our cheat sheet of top 10 favorite (and free) software staples that will turn you from a creative mess into a marketing master without breaking your budget.

STEP 1: What problem are you trying to solve? Does your company need help with streamlined communication, keeping projects organized, understanding who your customer is or how to talk to them in a more targeted way. Are you just looking for graphic design that doesn’t break the bank? All are typical issues growing businesses often struggle with and we’ve got some tips to help you make a more well-informed decision before committing to useless software.

STEP 2: Once you’ve identified what the issue is, follow-up by taking a deep dive into Google, thoroughly browsing keywords to identify the top solutions on the market, taking notes along the way. Look at value. What kind of features do they offer for free, and/or in their tiered pricing packages? Is there a tool that can answer multiple questions, resolving more than one marketing issue? Is it a flexible solution that offers system integrations, regular updates, and is willing to listen to their customer? Can you possibly consolidate existing solutions to save money or use a single system manage everything? (Example: You’re on WordPress for a website CMS, Mailchimp for email, and Hootsuite for social, not to mention multiple spreadsheets for tracking. Evaluate the spend, factoring in time spent for duplication by working in multiple systems. Is it worth it to move to a system such as Hubspot that offers all of these features and more?) Be sure to look for solutions that will scale with your business so you won’t have to spend time searching again next quarter to resolve the same/similar issue. Also, look at the ease of use, how intuitive is it to learn, and does the company provides proper training and support.

STEP 3: After spending the day surfing the net, compare features and pricing, then demo at least three as a possible solution. If you decide to go this route, don’t be afraid to ask questions and pick it apart technically. The sales and service departments don’t always speak the same language. Sales will tell you what you want to hear to close the deal. Service will tell you what you need to know and should’ve asked before signing on the dotted line. Get technical and be thorough. Many of these online systems offer a free version or trial option of the upgraded package. Take it for a test drive before committing to see if it’s the right fit for your company. In some cases, the free version may be sufficient (at least for the time being) and save you some money while you grow your business.

But throw all of that to the side, because you can skip all three steps and go straight to it with our list of top 10 free marketing tools. We’ve compiled our favorites into a downloadable PDF and an added bonus included a link from Crello for another 100 in their periodic table of free marketing tools. We’ve left Google off the list as most already know about their free suite of products (Sheets, Docs, AdWords, Mail, Analytics, etc.).

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